Regional Leadership Forum (RLF)

"To achieve and hold a position of leadership in this age of innovation, you must spend a part of every day in self-development."

– James McCay, The Management of Time

As technology continues to dramatically evolve, it’s more important than ever for you to position yourself as both an IT leader as well as a business leader. Our Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) will enhance your ability to collaborate across departments and offer technology solutions to business problems that provide the best way for you to solve your organization’s most challenging needs.

Develop an understanding of yourself as an individual, as well as yourself in relationship to others over the course of this year-long program. During seven interactive two-day sessions, you’ll learn how to act more effectively in team environments via a variety of hands-on activities, including open discussions with business leaders, case exercises, and candid career discussions. You’ll also have an intensive reading list of numerous texts to support what you learn during face-to-face sessions.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll have the leadership, management, and communication skills you need to exceed your business goals and lead your company into innovative new areas.

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Regional Leadership Forum Facilitators

Kimberly Sharp
Regional Leadership

Kimberly Sharp