Boston CIO Roundtable

Since 1985, our CIO Roundtables have provided IT Leaders the opportunity to share ideas and build professional connections with other CIOs in a relaxed, informal setting. Access to these invitation-only events is one of the most popular perks of a SIM Boston membership.  Attendance is limited to members (and guests) who are currently the IT Leader for their organization (and those in transition).

Eligible chapter members are invited to attend these quarterly meetings held in the Boston and surrounding areas.  Roundtables typically begin at 1:30 pm at a SIM Boston member’s company and are hosted by the CIO. 

Typical Program Schedule

  • Welcome and Host Presentation 
  • Speaker Presentation
  • Networking Break
  • Roundtable Discussion 
  • Refreshments and Dinner

Recent Topics

  • The Realities of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Role of the CISO
  • Negotiating Vendor Contracts
  • The Impact of GDPR
  • CIO Career Tracks
  • The State of CRM
  • Disaster Recovery - Member Cases

The cost to attend a CIO Roundtable is $150 for members and $200 for qualified non-member invited guests.

For more information, contact the Boston CIO Roundtable Co-Chairs at

Matt Nerney
Boston CIO Roundtable
Matt Nerney
Brian Madden
Boston CIO Roundtable
Brian Madden