Chapter news

September 2021 SIM Silver


SIM Silver members and guests gathered on Tuesday September 14 in Waltham.   We had the privilege of hearing John Ustas’s story about his transition from being CEO of Coca-Cola South Africa to retirement.   He has taken a very intentional approach to how he wants to spend his time and focus on his hobbies.   He clearly loves to travel with family and friends!  He shared some of his experiences while working on becoming a “High Pointer”, someone who has hiked the highest peak in each of the 50 states.   Some of these hikes are more like strolls and others are very serious high altitude trips!  This prompted some SIM Silver members to think about what they might want to do, like golf in each of the 50 states!  He has spent time on genealogy using tools like and DNA testing to discover stories and history that his parents had not shared with him and his siblings.  We had some time for Q&A and then finished the evening sharing a meal at the Copper House Tavern.