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Upcoming Outreach Opportunity!

Attention SIM Boston members! Here's a great opportunity to provide coaching and mentoring to budding technical talent. You might even identify future IT talent for your team. SIM Boston is a sponsor and Outreach partner of Hack.Diversity. New in 2019, HD is piloting a three-month long de.Hackathon during which HD Fellows are challenged to apply their technical skills to hacking real world problems. The de.Hackathon stretches the traditional hackathon experience over three months to enable a realistic timeframe during which the Fellows may strengthen in-demand technical skills ahead of their summer internships. The next session will be held Fri. 3/22, 3-5pm @ HubSpot in Cambridge. This session will focus on Prototyping with the 50 Fellows of the 2019 Cohort. SIM Boston participants will: • Have the opportunity to learn about design research methodology from IDEO CoLab • Offer their technical expertise as the Fellows think about designing their de.Hackathon products • Help the Fellows test their design research theory To take part in the 3/15 Design Research session, please RSVP to If you can't make this one, there are going to be other opportunities:
 - Friday, 4/5, 4-6 PM at IDEO CoLab on Synthesizing
 - Saturday, 5/4, 3-5 PM at District Hall on Pitch Practice
 - Friday, 5/24, 3-6 PM at TBD for Pitch DaydeHackathon_Crop.jpg